Trainee Testimonials

Caroline Warren, EVET trainee 2022-23

As a fourth-year veterinary student, I highly considered a rotating small animal internship. However, I never felt particularly attracted to one specific specialty. I realized quickly that I loved the energy and the collaboration of the emergency room, as well as the fact that I could still work with all of the different specialties. Once I discovered EVET, I knew it was the perfect fit for me after graduation. If you are looking to pursue additional training but don't feel compelled to enroll in a traditional rotating internship, then this is the program for you. EVET is unlike any program that I have heard of. Within the first six weeks of the program, I have grown so much as a new veterinarian. The support I have from my mentors and the fellow EVET doctors is unparalleled. The hands-on experiences in the ER coupled with the didactic learning has allowed me to review difficult concepts and apply them directly into practice. This program has also encouraged me to find a more sustainable work-life balance as a new graduate. In the EVET program, I have been given the tools to succeed as a veterinarian and a human being outside of the workplace.